Largest range of quality plastic glasses in Australia

Will the glasses you’re buying today be still available in the next 6 months? Or will you have to change over to a new shape from overseas? Not with our products – they are all made in Australia from food-safe materials, and are always ready to your order.

At The Plastic Glasses Company, we have the largest range of quality plastic glasses in Australia. Our product portfolio varies from disposable to unbreakable polycarbonates. You can find all types of drinkware for pub, club, bar, resort, restaurant and so much more.

Quick turnaround with 8 colours to choose from

We’ve just double our production capabilities by adding up to 14 machines to our facility. This enables us to offer highly competitive pricing and fast turnaround for your orders.

100% of our products are made right here in Australia, and many of them are even design registered to ensure quality.

Designed by experts. Made for you

Need a custom design for your products? We can do it! We can design new drinkware and produceit in custom colours to increase your brand awareness. In fact, we are currently doing special projects for companies such as GreatNorthern/VB/Carlton Draught/Furphy/Lion and CUB among many others.

We can decorate with Heat Transfer Decals to bring real colour to your branding. 

Champagne glass made by food-grade plastic

We can’t wait to help you with your plastic needs. email